TECNADIS METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean” delays metal corrosion, protecting the treated surfaces from corrosive agents, weathering, marine environments, and even from acid and alkaline chemical agents and solvents.

Corrosion protection has been evaluated through saline chamber testing according to Regulation ASMTD117 in which the samples are subjected to a continuous saline mist flow of 5%w concentration and constant temperature of 35ºC. The exposure time is determined according to the metal substrate, namely, coated stainless steels has to pass successfully 1200 hours of exposition while the requirements for carbon steel are 500 h.

In the following table are shown the results of some of the tests performed with different materials in which is demonstrated a corrosion delay in the metal areas treated with Tecnadis METALCOAT “Easy To Clean”.  In the case Aluminium Alloy 7075, untreated specimens are corroded in less than 100h and with red oxide at 168h, while treated specimens exceed 500h without showing signs of corrosion.