Provides easy-to-clean properties by preventing dirt particles from sticking to the surface due to its hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. Contact angles of Tecnadis METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean” are around 115º for water and 65º for oil.

It prevents dirt particles from sticking, making the surface to be easily cleaned: European FAN test (Facile á Nettoyer or Easy to Clean): 7 stains (Egg, Lemon juice, Olive oil, Milk, Gravy, Jam, Ketchup) burnt during 30 minutes at 300ºC. All the stains are removed with TECNADIS METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean. Other tests have been performed in order to demonstrate coating’s non-stick performance and durability by cooking consecutively fried eggs without any oil on coated frying pans, for example.

In preliminary results the coating Tecnadis METALCOAT “Easy to Clean” has demonstrated a clear superiority in terms of non-sticking performance with respect to the solutions currently commercialised by big companies in the appliances sector such as Whirlpool or Electrolux.