Tecnadis METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean” is a highly-durable easy-to-clean nano-coating which protects surfaces from corrosion, impacts and scratching.

Its formulation is based on a dispersion of ceramic nanoparticles, and avoids polluting particles and food leftovers from sticking to the surface, simplifying cleaning tasks at the same time than protects from corrosion, impacts and scratches, also reducing cleaning times and frequencies and elongating lifetimes of the surfaces where it is applied.

Tecnadis METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean” is a multi-purpose coating that is directly applicable onto almost any metallic surface such as stainless steels, carbon steels, iron,  aluminium, copper, and bronze, among others. No chemical or physical surface preparation is required previous to the application of the coating beyond a simple cleaning or degreasing.

In addition, TECNADIS METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean” coating can be applied onto enamelled metals, ceramics, glass, and even onto some kind of plastics.

In this sense, this innovative coating has multi end-users such as appliances (gas stoves, extraction hoods, ironing appliances and dishwashers) food-related-industry (industrial kitchens), kitchenware (pans, frying pans, etc.), and into the food-processing and petrochemical industries, among others.

Its main advantage is the very competitive price. The coating Tecnadis METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean” is characterised by its high performance which makes it an excellent value-for-money alternative. In this sense, Tecnadis METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean” is presented as the market reference product in the field, exceeding the performance offered by its possible competitors at a very reasonable cost, thus resulting in a technologically superior product.



√   High Durability

√   High hardness

√   Hidrophobic and oleophobic properties

√   Non-stick performance

√   Resistance to scratching


√   Resistance to heat-shocks

√   Corrosion protection

√   Resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents

√   Resistance to household and industrial common cleaning products

√   Certified for food contact