Other application of the coating TECNADIS METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean” is focused on the food-processing industry in order to facilitate fluids’ transport in pipes, tubes and canals as well as to reduce cleaning frequencies and to protect the metallic lines and equipment from corrosion, increasing their lifespan. Concretely, the coating has been directed to both end users of the food-processing industry which have the operational problems, and also to producers of those kind of equipment.

TECNADIS METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean” presents numerous advantages for the food-processing industry such as simplifying the cleaning processes, reducing significatively the resources used like staff hours, water, detergents and cleaners amounts, also avoiding the use of abrasive agents and descaling products, as well as reducing cleaning frequencies. Finally, TECNADIS METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean” increases the lifespan of these equipment thanks to its anti-scratching properties and good resistance to impacts and corrosion.

Thus, TECNADIS METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean” has direct application in a wide variety of companies from the food-processing and agriculture sectors such as fried tomato, ketchup and sauces production, milk and cheese manufacturing and pre-cooked meals, among many others, to avoid accumulation of wastes facilitating the cleaning tasks and avoiding fouling in tubes and channels. Additionally, it can be implemented in companies producing pickles and tinned food, wineries and desalting industries, among others, to protect their lines and facilities against corrosion, which is a usual problem.