Thanks to the non-sticking properties that offers the coating TECNADIS METALCOAT “Easy-To-Clean”, it can be also used in the industrial painting sector to cover both spray booths and paint tunnels, as well as in painting lines tools. The properties of the coating make it easy to remove excess paint or contaminants that may remain on these surfaces or accessories with pressurized water, as it does not adhere to the metal. In this way, the cleaning of this type of surfaces and elements is greatly facilitated, reducing the use of resources, especially the staff hours dedicated to manual mechanical cleaning such as blasting or scraping, and even reducing the frequency of such cleaning. On the other hand, due to its hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, the coating is effective with paints of both organic and aqueous nature and, because of its resistance to different solvents, the coating’s durability is high. As an additional benefit, the coating protects the metal surfaces  against corrosion, scratches and impact.



Problem: Secondary tools and elements of painting installations as well as walls, floor and cabins, after painting processes, usually get dirty because of the spillages and splatters of the paints. These paint spillages and splatters usually adhere to the secondary tools and elements, being necessary the use of plenty of recourses to clean them, such as chemical compounds, metallic scrapers, water, detergents and too many hours of hard work. In the case of the painting cabin walls, the surfaces are usually coated with vaseline, and after this, one-use plastics are put on. However, this solution is highly expensive because the plastics should be replaced continuously and the vaseline reapplied in order to assure the fixing of the new films. Another drawback is that in the case of the tools that are in contact with automotive parts, this solution is unacceptable.

Application: Tecnadis Metalcoat “Easy-To-Clean” has been applied on auxiliary elements of painting lines such as metallic frames and painting cabin walls.

Results: With the application of Tecnadis Metalcoat “Easy-To-Clean” on the tools, elements and cleaned surfaces, the paint residues are removed only with pressure water jet, not using metallic scrapers, chemicals and abrasive products and reducing the cleaning time and workforce resources.