In the field of moulds that are used for different industrial processes like shoemaking, cosmetic, and packaging, among others, Tecnadis METALCOAT “Easy To Clean” has use as releasing agent to avoid rejections caused by adhesion of the formed pieces to the mould. In addition, it protects these moulds against corrosion and impacts and facilitates their cleaning, thus elongating the life of these industrial equipment.



Problem: In order to facilitate the demoulding of soles made from rubber, nowadays, footwear manufacturers spray release agents in their moulds. These agents are single-use products, which need to be re-applied every time a sole is manufactured, thus decreases the productivity of the process. Other companies in the sector do not use this type of products, and a cleaning process is necessary by means of shot blasting when rubber leftovers remains in the mould. These leftovers can also appear glued on the soles, which forces to discard them because they are not valid for commercialization.

Application: Tecnadis Metalcoat “Easy-To-Clean” has been applied in rubber sole moulds in a company dedicated to the manufacture of vulcanized footwear for more than 50 years.

Results: The application of Tecnadis Metalcoat “Easy to Clean” in the moulds used for the manufacture of rubber soles, has allowed to double its productivity without having to make stops for cleaning compared to moulds without treatment. Today, after 6 months in operation and more than 8,000 manufacturing cycles, the treated moulds are free of burned rubber remains on the surface, while the untreated moulds presented rubber remains at 500 cycles and after 4,000 production cycles it was necessary to carry out a cleaning process by shot blasting in order to maintain the quality of the manufactured soles. The treated molds are still installed on the production line manufacturing vulcanized rubber soles.

Non-treated mould

Treated mould